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Katrina Watland

Katrina has always been passionate about social justice and equal rights. Her work and life experience have given her an understanding of people from all walks of life. She has now taken her passion, experience, expertise and love for people and turned it into a practice with a unique approach to helping others achieve their goals.

Katrina Watland | Bio

Founder at TrueNorth

Katrina Watland was born in Norway and grew up moving around Europe. Katrina received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Texas Tech University and her master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington. Katrina is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has a certification from Norsk Coach Akademi (Norwegian Coaching Academy).

Katrina has worked as an elementary school teacher, in Human Resources at Arthur Andersen and at the Women’s Center at the University of Texas at Dallas. At the Women’s Center, Katrina worked as a counselor, facilitator and teacher for 17 years. The Women’s Center serves women and the LGBT+ student body.

Katrina lives in Frisco, Texas, with her husband and two children. She enjoys traveling, kickboxing and volunteering.


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